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The use of contact lenses is becoming more and more popular each year. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy the convenience of having clear vision without having to wear glasses all the time? If adequately taken care of with a proactive health approach, most individuals could have great success with contact lens wear.

If you are trying contact lenses for the first time, our doctors will assess the shape and curvature of your eye during a contact lens eye exam to select a lens that would not only provide the best vision, but would also be the best fit for your eyes. Following the initial lens selection, we will complete a contact lens training session where you are taught to properly insert and remove contact lenses, clean and disinfect the contact lenses and how to handle your contact lenses. You are then given a trial pair that you can try out for a few days to ensure that the chosen contact lens is the right fit for you!

We Can Help With Your Contact Lens Exam


Why do I need a routine eye exam every year if I am a contact lens wearer?

Although contact lenses are convenient and work great with our active and busy lifestyles, they do have the potential to cause changes to our eyes. Contact lenses reduce the amount of oxygen that enters your eye, as there is a physical layer that separates your eye from the air. If worn too much or inadequately, the lack of adequate oxygen can cause changes to the eye that can in turn start damaging the eye. These changes are essential to detect at an early stage to ensure that appropriate measures can be taken to treat them or prevent them from worsening. Yearly eye exams and contact lens fittings ensure that there are no such changes that are occurring in your eyes.

Do contact lenses only correct a small amount of near-sightedness?
Certainly not. Contact lens technology is constantly changing and improving, and at Urban Eyecare, we make sure to stay updated on all the latest contact lens technology. Our doctor fits patients with mild, moderate and severe amounts of near-sightedness and far-sightedness and those who have astigmatism. In addition, there are also contact lenses available for those who require a distance and near correction, called multifocal contact lenses. These provide you with clear distance and near vision without having to pull out those reading glasses!

Can I Use Any Brand Contact Lens?

Contact lenses are medical devices that need to be professionally fitted for each individual to achieve optimal vision and comfort without compromising eye health. Our optometrists are trained to fit regular soft contact lenses as well as specialty contact lenses.

Does Contact Lens Pricing Vary?

Our contact lens prices are competitive, even against online and big box stores. We also offer bulk discounts on annual supplies and manufacture rebates. This allows you to get expert advice and your contact lens supply from a trusted retailer.

Benefits of Urban Eyecare



We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide the most comprehensive experience


Our quality products help our patients achieve both clear and comfortable vision for as long as possible


We work with you to find the right frame and lenses that are best suited for your visual needs


Our optometrists go above and beyond to make specific recommendations for you and to answer all your questions


Rod Robideau
23:38 20 Jul 18
What a great experience. My first eye exam in years and the staff were all very helpful, polite, professional and super friendly. All options were explained and answered as well as all the questions I had. They have a great selection of frames at reasonable prices. I’d recommend Urban Eyecare to any and all!!!read more
Chinazor Okafor
17:38 23 Jun 18
It was an awesome experience. Never knew what I was getting myself into until I came to the clinic, Dr Arora and her team of staff were very kind, patient and well grounded in the eye business. They made me felt at home, gave a thorogh examination of my eyes and now I can see better. The cost is also awesome, well affordable in comparison with others and the quality of care more
Shama Gagnon
23:01 16 Jun 18
The doctor was very knowledgable and kind. I felt that my exam was very thorough and she explained why I was experiencing issues with my sight. The staff at the front were so nice and helped me pick out my first pair of glasses. They looked up my coverage for me and took care of the direct billing.My glasses seemed pricey but I have no idea what is normal. I would recommend this place for the service!!read more
22:13 08 Nov 17
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I work close to Urban Eyewear so decided to check them out. Eye exam was VERY comparably priced to Costco and others. Eye dilation is covered under Alberta health care (Which I know my mom was just charged extra at her optometrist for the dilation) Roxana and Dr Marsh are awesome. Roxana was very helpful in helping me find the right pair and such a sweet heart she is!!!!!! I will keep my business at URBAN EYEWEAR FOR SURE!read more
Tyler Flaro
15:26 15 Oct 17
I will definitely be coming back Roxana was very informative and help me pick out the perfect pair glasses for work an home. This store has the best quality but what out shines the stores unique designer brands is the sales persons who helped me and had the knowledge an understanding of the product. 10/10 told all my work buddys to stop in :)read more
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Jordan Grimard
13:11 21 Nov 18
I brought back a pair of very expensive Maui Jim’s because I had scratched them and then the scratch had turned into a crack. They recommended that I send them back to the factory to see if it was a manufacturer defect. A few weeks later, I got the call and picked up what I think was a brand new pair. Although it cost me 15 dollars for shipping, it was definitely worth it! The service was great, and I would definitely go here again for all my eye care more
Jenn Mckenna
21:27 20 Aug 18
Hands down the best eyecare specialist I have been to. The staff is beyond helpful and very friendly. Huge thanks to Nicole for going above and beyond with helping me out. The staff and optometrists are knowledgable and go far beyond to make sure every customer is taken care of. Thanks gals for everything you do it's very much always appreciated .read more
Krista Finlayson
18:50 22 Jun 18
So this is a local shop for me and I love it! They are so friendly, helpful and kind. I went in to look for Maui Jim Sunglasses. They didn't have the color I liked so they sat me down and went on the computer and customized sunglasses for me! This was on a Tuesday and by Thursday they had called and they were in! Went and picked them up in a pretty bag with a full size glass cleaner! I'm definately going to be using them for my kids and my eye checkups! Great service and Great people!!read more
20:06 07 Jun 18
I came in to look for a new pair of sunglasses at an affordable price. The ladies at the front were very helpful and gave me honest opinions on the glasses I was trying on. They made the experience very enjoyable and I ended up leaving with a pair of Gucci sunglasses that were at an extremely affordable price!read more
Michelle Dufoe
00:09 29 May 18
Very inviting atmosphere, the ladies that work there are awesome, very friendly and nice to work with. Great selection of glasses and contact lenses. They helped me get fitted with a new set of contacts that will better fit my lifestyle. I’ll definitely be going back for glasses and will be referring family and friends. Highly recommend Urban Eyecare!read more
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