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What Are Progressive Lenses?

One of the most popular options for individuals struggling with multiple vision problems is to get progressive lenses. Also known as multifocal lenses, this type of glasses is a mixture of both bifocal and trifocal lenses with a seamless look. 

Why do people choose progressive eye lenses in Calgary over others? What are the benefits and drawbacks of these types of lenses? We got all the critical details for you below. 

Why Do People Get Progressive Eye Lenses?

Multifocal lenses help people balance both presbyopia (farsightedness) and myopia (nearsightedness) issues by providing three prescriptions in one pair of glasses. 

The top layer helps distance (such as driving), the middle section is for immediate distance (like for a computer), and the bottom layer is for reading. The type of prescription you need for these glasses depends on the results of your eye exam in Calgary

What are the Benefits of Progressive Eyeglass Lenses? 

There are many benefits that come with progressive lenses that can make them a popular choice: 

  • You will only need one pair of glasses instead of several pairs of different prescription glasses. 
  • Your eyes will be able to transition between the different layers and lenses, saving time changing your glasses. 
  • They look like regular glasses, so there is no difference between them and other pairs.
  • While progressive eyeglass lenses cost more than regular eye glasses (usually $100), you save money by reducing glasses. 

The main drawback of progressive lenses is that it takes some time to adjust your eyes to the new vision. While that is normal with prescription glasses or contact lenses, progressive lenses take longer because of the head and eye adjustments and where you look through the lens. 

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During the learning period, you may feel dizzy and nauseous from looking through the wrong section of the lens, as well as distortion of your peripheral vision.

Calgary Optometrist Tips For Adjusting To Progressive Lenses 

If you decide to get progressive lenses, these tips might help you adjust to them: 

  • Give yourself one to two weeks to adjust to them. It might take longer (in some cases, a month) but give it some time. 
  • Don’t wear your other glasses during this time; it makes your transition harder. 
  • Visit a qualified Calgary optometrist that can guide you through the entire process. They can help make sure the lenses are perfectly centered over your eyes, which is crucial for progressive lenses. Make sure you understand your eye doctor’s instructions on how to use them.
  • If you struggle with adjusting or have major problems with your vision, return to your Calgary optometrist and get it sorted. 

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