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Are You Nearsighted or Farsighted?

Being nearsighted or farsighted are two of the most common eye issues that people face. Telling the difference between the two is essential so you can find a solution. Here is how you can find out if you’re nearsighted or farsighted.

The Difference Between The Nearsighted & Farsighted

Nearsighted: What To Expect?

Being nearsighted (also called myopia) is when your vision is blurred when looking in the distance. You can see closer, or ‘nearer’, than further out. You have this condition when the lens in your eyes are formed in front of your retinas instead of on it. It can be challenging to determine this condition in some cases, so keep an eye out on the following symptoms:  

  • Struggling to read road signs or see distant objects clearly
  • Constantly squinting
  • Eye strain when focusing on distant objects
  • Sitting too close to the TV or computer because you can’t see clearly
  • Tired eyes when driving or playing sports

While it is common to have myopia, in around 10% of cases, it can get worse over time. If you suspect that might be happening, don’t wait around – book an appointment with your Calgary eye centre.

Farsighted: What Does It Mean?

If being nearsighted means you can see ‘nearer’, then being farsighted is the opposite. You will struggle to see objects that are closer to you but can see stuff in the distance quite clearly. Farsightedness (also known as hyperopia) can happen because:

  • Your eyeball is too short and doesn’t get the full range of vision
  • Your cornea is flat
  • The lens in your eyes are curved incorrectly, so the vision is off-balance

If you notice any of the following, you could be dealing with hyperopia:

  • Blurred vision at night
  • Aching eyes
  • Pain when watching TV or trying too hard to squint
  • Eye strain when reading stuff too close

Visiting An Optometrist in Calgary Is The Solution

While you might suspect that you could be suffering from nearsightedness or farsightedness, you should always make sure that you get yourself checked by an optometrist in Calgary. With their expertise in the field, they will provide you with a clear answer and offer you solutions.

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