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How To Get Rid Of Eye Floaters

Eye floaters can be a real nuisance, and getting rid of them is often not an easy process. However, in order to seek proper treatment, it is important to first fully understand this affliction and what it means for your overall eye health.

Therefore, let’s first look at what an eye floater is, what causes the eye floaters, and then finally, the proper eye floaters treatment.

Optometrist’s Take on Eye Floaters

What is an Eye Floater?

An eye floater is a spot on your eye that often looks like a squiggly line or smudge to your vision. When you try to focus on it, it will move away from your focus because it is at a fixed point on your eye. 

What Causes Eye Floaters?

When seeking eye exams in Calgary, your optometrist will likely tell you that eye floaters are a natural part of aging. The “filler” part of your eye, called the vitreous, changes shape and dries out over your life, and occasionally, as this process occurs it will shrink with a lack of uniformity and cause eye floaters.

In other circumstances, inflammation of the eye can cause eye floaters to appear. This inflammation can be a result of an infection, recent eye surgery or the partaking of new eye medication.

When Should You be Concerned About Eye Floaters?

As described above, eye floaters are sometimes just a part of the aging process, and they will become a special part of your life for some time. However, this doesn’t mean they are not a cause to worry.

Myodesopsia (Eye Floaters) looking at the Sky

If you see an increase in the number of eye floaters suddenly, or if they begin to seriously obstruct your vision, you should consider an eye exam in Calgary to determine if your vision is at risk. 

Examples of people who should pay extra attention to eye floaters are those over the age of 50 years, people who have recently suffered trauma to the eye, including cataract surgery or other eye operations, and in some circumstances, those among us who suffer from nearsightedness. 

How to Get Rid of Eye Floaters? or Eye Floaters Treatment

Eye floaters often don’t require treatment, as they are harmless disruptions to your vision. However, in some circumstances, it can be quite frustrating to have these marks in your vision, and there are a few options. 

The first is a laser treatment designed to break up the eye floaters. This procedure has a varied level of effectiveness, but some find great comfort in this eye floaters treatment.

In other circumstances, surgery can be performed to replace the vitreous of your eye with a similar solution. This is also a procedure (vitrectomy) that has varied results and can sometimes cause retinal tearing or scarring which carries further detriments.

Therefore, the best thing to do for eye floaters is to bring them up with your optometrist during your next eye exam in Calgary. Accepting them as a part of your life can bring closure and happiness that you may be happier with than continuing to worry about these eye floaters.

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