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Signs That Your Kid Might Have Eye Problems

Kids often don’t realize it if there’s something wrong with their eyes, and so they won’t tell you. Children with vision problems often assume that everyone sees the way that they do. That’s why watching for signs of eye trouble and visiting a children’s eye doctor is important as a parent. 

Here are some common signs that your kid might have an eye problem

Struggling in School

There are many reasons kids may struggle in school, but one that’s often overlooked is poor eyesight. After all, it’s difficult to work out a math problem when you can’t see it clearly. If your child struggles in school, schedule an appointment with a kids eye doctor along with any other appropriate evaluations. Sometimes a pair of glasses makes a big difference.

How to Know If Your Child Needs Glasses

Frequent Headaches

Problems with vision often lead to headaches. If your kid often complain they have a headache, are sensitive to light, or experience similar symptoms, they might be suffering from an eye problem. Discuss the symptoms with their pediatrician; often they will recommend a child eye care exam in such situations, but if yours doesn’t, ask about seeing a kids eye doctor.

There are also a number of eye-related behaviours that often indicate vision problems. Rapid blinking, rubbing the eyes, squinting, closing one eye to see better, and holding materials close to the face to read are common signs of eye trouble. Some of these behaviours may also be related to allergies or other issues, but visiting an eye doctor and getting a child eye exam is a great way to determine the cause.

If you notice any of these signs or think your kid might have poor eyesight for another reason, visit a kids eye doctor. They can assess your child’s eyesight and help them see clearly.

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