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The Cost of Eye Exam in Calgary

The cost of eye exam in Calgary is often a set price determined by the individual optometrist’s office. This cost changes based on a few factors, such as the tests included in the exam, but often the true value is in the purchase of eye assistance devices, such as glasses, contacts, or spectacles. 

The Value of Calgary Eye Exams

To truly appreciate the value of an eye exam in Calgary, however, is another thing altogether. For instance, when you consider the fact that every part of the body regenerates and replaces itself, you are generally correct. However, certain parts of the body do not regenerate, and one of those areas is the eye, in particular, the retina. Other elements include the neurons of your brain, for instance. 

This fact makes taking care of your eyes and other parts of your body that do not regenerate an imperative for everyone. Therefore, overstatement of the value of eye tests is not possible, and your involvement in regularly getting them should be indispensable to your everyday life. Although, if you have not been to the optometrist for an eye exam, you may also have questions about what the exam entails. There are answers down below, however. 

The Parts of an Eye Exam

Now, to begin with, the individual eye tests in an exam can vary from office to office. This variance occurs based on the optometrist’s preference and the accepted practices of the profession as a whole. However, one of the first tests that you receive is the strength of your eye. A small stream of air is shot at the eye to make sure it does not deform or change shape, which are both signs of changes to your eye.


Similarly, most optometrists will also test the ability of your eyes to react to light. This test ensures your eyes work effectively in different situations and also in tandem with one another. Finally, the test most people would think of when they think of optometrists will begin. This is the test of the length vision, and the test uses a unique device that changes the reflection of light in your eyes to hone in on the best solution for them. 

You will look at a chart a set distance away and read letters as per your optometrist’s instructions. Depending on the ease with which you can see the letters, the optometrist will make adjustments and determine whether or not you require prescription lenses. 

You should look at this test as a fun way to determine the limits of your vision, and take the optometrist’s recommendations seriously. If you are looking for prescription glasses after the exam, the optometrist will also be able to assist you or have their vision experts do the same. 

How much does eye exam cost in Calgary?

The typical cost of eye exam in Calgary will range from $60-$80 but can exceed $140 depending on the services offered by your optometrist.

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