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Tips From a Calgary Optometrist: How to Practice Eye Safety

It’s easy to take eyes for granted, but they are an important and vulnerable part of the body. They must remain moist and are particularly sensitive to abrasion. Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to protect your eyes; a few simple precautions can dramatically reduce the risk of eye damage. Protect your eyes with these eye safety tips from a Calgary optometrist.

5 Ways To Protect Your Eyes – From Your Calgary Optometrist 

  1. Be Careful with Sharp Objects
    Handle anything sharp with care. Even something as seemingly harmless as a pencil can cause significant damage. Never point a sharp object at the face. Keep sharp objects stored out of the reach of small children, and make sure all toys are free of sharp points and projectiles.

2. Pay Attention when Reading
Do your eyes a favour by reading, writing, and performing other eye-related activities in well-lit areas. Take frequent breaks to look away and blink when using a computer or any device with a screen. Use eyeglasses or contacts prescribed by a Calgary optometrist if necessary.

3. Schedule Appointments at an Eye Centre in Calgary
Regular eye exams at a Calgary eye centre are an important part of maintaining overall eye health. See your optometrist for annual appointments, and go in as soon as possible if you experience any unexplained or persistent irritation.

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4. Wear Eye Protection
Always wear appropriate eye protection during any activity that puts the eyes at risk, including working with chemicals or power tools, engaging in hobbies with small pieces, or playing sports. This also includes wearing sunglasses that block UVA and UVB radiation.

5. Take Care with Chemicals
Store all chemicals in their original bottles in a safe place. Never point a bottle at your face, and always wash your hands after working with chemicals.

A Calgary eye centre helps you see your best, but it’s up to you to protect your eyes between visits. 

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