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How to Prepare For Your Eye Exam In Calgary

Eye exams are important for your health and your overall well being. If you are not sure what to expect when it comes to an eye exam in Calgary, here is how you can prepare for it. 

A Few Tips To Prepare Yourself For Your Eye Exam In Calgary

What you should do before you turn up at your Calgary eye centre for your examination:

  • Double-check to see if you have medical insurance and to see what coverage you have for exam fees, glasses and contacts. Better to be informed beforehand than finding yourself coping a huge bill. 
  • Write down any issues or health concerns you might be having when it comes to your eye health. The more information you provide, the better the Calgary optometrist can help you. Prepare some questions so you can get all the information you need. 
  • Prepare to bring all the glasses that you have in your possession for the optometrist to take a look over. The same thing applies to your contact lenses and solutions. 
  • Bring any medication or prescriptions for your eyes
  • Ask whether your pupils will be dilated during your exam. If they are, your eyes will be sensitive to light, making it hard to see, as well as difficult to drive. You might have to find another way to get home as driving might be unsafe. 

What to expect on the day of your Calgary eye exam: 

  • Expect a pre-test, where you will be asked about your medical history, any eye issues you’ve had in the past, and your family history. Your eyes might be tested for eye pressure and visual acuity. 
  • In some cases, you might be forced to undertake a thorough exam, which can include:
    • Retinoscopy, which your retinas get checked
    • Cover test, where your eye alignment is assessed
    • Slit lamp exam, where the back of your eye is looked at by the eye doctor 
  • If you need glasses, you will be fitted for glasses or lenses. Your prescription will also be updated, so you have a back-up in case. 
  • Schedule a follow-up visit. Ask your Calgary optometrist when is the best time to come back for an eye exam. Book in the appointment, so you’re good to go in future. 

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