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What Does an Ophthalmologist Do?

An ophthalmologist performs many functions related to the health of your eyes. Also, they have additional training over and above what optometrists typically learn. Further, they are capable of surgery for eye-related conditions and training in specialty eye diseases. Learning the differences between what an ophthalmologist and Calgary optometrist are is crucial to understanding the professional requirements of your eye-related treatment and care.

Remember, when you are seeking treatment for eye-related diseases or conditions, learning more about the right specialist will be critical to your successful treatment. For the best results, always visit an optometrist first. They will have the right resources to determine if you need to see an ophthalmologist, and if you do, they can provide you with contact details and relevant information. Not to mention, they can also inform the doctor of your intended visit or necessary personal data.

What a Calgary Optometrist Does

A Calgary optometrist is, in many ways, similar to an ophthalmologist. As an example, both professionals will perform eye exams and diagnose eye-related diseases. As well, both optometrists and ophthalmologists will assist you in finding the right vision aids to correct your vision-related problems. However, the differences between the two are noteworthy also.


The Differences Between Ophthalmologists and Calgary Optometrists

For instance, an optometrist does not have the same level of training or education as an ophthalmologist. Whereas an optometrist will receive two to four years of college-level education followed by four years of optometry school to earn a doctor of optometry degree, ophthalmologists will attend schooling for twelve to thirteen years. During their training, ophthalmologists will perform a residency program, and learn about more specialized eye care services.

When it comes to specializations, there is a large swath of options available. For example, many ophthalmologists choose to specialize in eye surgeries for conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye-related diseases. In other cases, though, they may decide to go the more aesthetic route of plastic surgery. This route focuses on droopy eyelids, smoothing out wrinkles, or crossed eyes.

Finally, perhaps the most significant distinction when it comes to ophthalmologists is their certification as an actual medical doctor. Of course, at this point, you may have already guessed that they would have this certification, on account of their more specialized skillset and comparatively longer-term of education.

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